Got Website?

Metro IT’s hosting services enable you to quickly establish your presence on the Internet. For a small monthly fee, you get space for your web site. and professional, company-branded email accounts. We can transfer your existing domain ( or you can get a new one through us. If you need help choosing a domain name, we can help with that too.

We can help you set up a new or migrate an existing web site. You can use webmail to access your email from a web browser.

There are many benefits to having a presence on the Internet, including:

  • Growing your business by selling online
  • Increasing the marketing reach of your business
  • Presenting a polished, professional appearance for your business
  • Spending less time educating your customers on your products/services
  • Communicating more efficiently with customers, partners, and employees
  • Competing more effectively against larger businesses

It may be easier to think of a web site as the world largest yellow pages ad. You aren’t limited to a pre-defined space on a piece of paper that only allows you to post a few key words, your address, and phone number and hope that some one that is looking at that one piece of paper decides to call you from a few simple words. With a web site, you can have testimonials from satisfied clients, pictures of work that you have done, and go into great detail of what makes you different from the rest. The best thing is that you aren’t limited to just those people who happen to be in the geographic distribution of that book. With a web site, anyone using a search engine could find your web site.

What are the advantages of using Metro IT’s hosting services?

With our hosting plan, you can:

  • Build your business with a reliable, experienced provider.
  • Simplify and focus on your core business. Having a web site. should not be hard and does not need to be expensive. Our hosting plans can fit your current needs and grow as your needs evolve.
  • Work with a single provider, single bill, and single point of support. There is no doubt that we aren’t the biggest hosting provider out there. We don’t even try to compete at that level. We focus on satisfying our clients one customer at a time. Your success is important to us!

Not only can we host your web site. but we also provide business class email with enhanced email services such as email forwarding, aliases, and auto-responder messages.

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