IT Disasters

Disaster Recovery or Disaster Preparedness?

Metro IT isn’t sure why the term disaster recovery is such a buzz-word in the market today. Recovering from a disaster is expensive, time-consuming, and stressful. Imagine if one of your business’ servers crashed. Do you want to be in disaster recovery mode or do you want to be prepared for the disaster?

Businesses prepare for disasters all the time. Businesses purchase alarm systems, sprinkler systems, liability insurance, theft insurance, locks on their doors and the list goes on.

However, when it comes to protecting their data, formally risk averse businesses are willing to risk it all on tape backup. Tape backups are unreliable, and unwieldy. Do people really do a tape rotation schedule? Do people take their backups off site? If they do, is it really that safe in the back seat of somebody’s car or in their trunk on a 95 degree day?

It seems like every other month a Fortune 500 company loses a tape backup and compromises personal information on thousands and thousands of people. Now, your business may not have thousands of customers in which you can lose their data but the point is that if a company that has the financial resources of a Fortune 500 can not safeguard tapes, what makes you think that your business can do it better?

Metro IT’s data backup solution is a fully automated service that backups your data to an off-site location. These continuous data backups ensure that data will be able to be recovered without any hassle.¬† With our solution in place, you will sleep better knowing that your data is protected.

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